Programs for Adults

​GPC offers a range of programs for adults, ranging from small discussion and Bible study groups to weekend retreats, to workshops on selected topics, to presentations and classes from featured speakers.

​Adult Programs News

Coloring Club
​We all have projects to begin or finish: sewing, mending, knitting, painting, quilting... Or maybe some of us just need[...]
Volunteer Services
​Do you know someone who could use a visit, a meal, or a ride from one of our volunteers? Contact[...]
Wednesday Bible Study
​The ​Bible Study group meets ​on Wednesdays at 12pm at ​High Sierra Bar & Grill. The topic for Wednesday, ​June[...]
Women’s Questers Group
"Questers", the women's Bible Study group, ​meets at 1030am to 1230pm on the first Monday of each month, ​in the[...]