WHEN: October 2021

After nearly 37 years in ordained ministry, Rev. Terry McBride will be retiring at the end of 2021.

Terry served as GPC’s associate pastor from 1985-1997.  While he was here, he worked with Rev. Don Hawthorne, Rev. Kathryn Johnson and Rev. Steve Jacobsen.  His primary contributions were in worship leadership (especially bringing non-traditional music into the service) and youth ministries.  Terry began the Love Of God (LOG) program here at GPC in 1989 and led the first 14 LOG weekends plus many other retreats for youth, college students and adults.

After leaving GPC, Terry served as the associate pastor of First Presbyterian Church in South Bend, IN from 1997-2005 and then founded Michiana Youth Ministries, Inc. (MYM) in order to grow LOG beyond the bounds of any single church.  Over 1800 teenagers have participated in LOG in South Bend.  Their LOG #110 weekend (Terry’s last) will be in November.

To celebrate Terry’s impending retirement and the calling of a new director to keep Michiana’s LOG program going in the years to come, MYM is holding a special event called LOG Top 10 Week – and GPC’ers are welcome to share in it.

LOG Top 10 Week will include four virtual events on Zoom (October 11-14) and one live-in-person event (which will be live-streamed for those who are not able to attend “live”) on Saturday, October 16, 2021.  Each event will include two of Terry’s top 10 memories as well as memories of Terry, favorite LOG songs and photos and blessings for the new LOG director.  In order to help secure LOG’s foundation for the future, the event will seek to raise $10,000 (with matching funds up to an additional $20,000.

GPC’ers are welcome to Zoom in for any of the weeknight events.  Rev. Dana Allin and Elisa Takaya will both be sharing in the Zoom call on Monday, October 11.  LuAnn Miller will be sharing (via video) in the final event on Saturday evening, October 16, which can be viewed on live-stream.  For more info on any of these opportunities, please go to www.logmichiana.org/top10. That website will be updated periodically as more information becomes available.