​​The PDF file called “GPC Sunday School March 29” contains all the materials for this week’s Sunday School lesson on The Good Shepherd. Click here to open the PDF file, and print it, if possible (​if you can't print it, you can view it on your screen. Some of the activities - such as coloring - can only be done if you can print the file). The file contains these six pages:

(Page 1) The LESSON PLAN for today. We suggest that you read this page before you begin the lesson with your child(ren). The Lesson Plan briefly describes all the activities you can do with your children for today’s lesson (reading, discussing, coloring & crafts, etc.). The Lesson Plan refers to the other pages you will find in the printout…

​(Page 2 and 3) ”Lost and Found”: The TEXT of two Scripture stories for you to read to your children. The text is a simplified version of the stories that Jesus tells in Luke 15:1-10.

(Page 4) A Cutout-Pattern for making a “Sheep Bank” ​for the “Sheep Craft” activity

(Page 5) A page of cartoon-shapes to use in the  “Finding Hidden Things” activity

(Page 6) A Coloring Page showing a shepherd carrying a sheep
​If you have questions, please contact Alison Tamminga at 805-683-4271.

PLAY THE SONG FOR TODAY'S LESSON:  Our thanks to Don Davis for recording "Jesus Loves Me." Click the link below to play the song.