​​This week's lesson description is in the PDF file called “​​Online SS lesson ​ ​May 10 2020” - click here to download it. The file contains all the materials for this week’s lesson except for the picture shown at the left. That picture ​ is a full-color, full-page image, and so we have posted it as a separate PDF file which you can download and view on the screen or print if you wish. Download the Lesson Plan and print it, if possible (​if you can't print it, you can view it on your screen. Some of the activities can only be done if you can print the file). 
​​Click here to download the full-color picture.

The Lesson Plan file contains these ​pages:

(Pages 1&2) The LESSON PLAN for today. We suggest that you read this ​plan before you begin the lesson with your child(ren). 
The Lesson Plan briefly describes all the activities you can do with your children for today’s lesson​. The Lesson Plan refers to the other pages you will find in the printout,,,

(Page 3) The "How do your spend your Time?" ​chart, from last week

(Page 4) "​​Return with Thanks" - A retelling of ​today's Gospel story -- Luke 17:11-1

(Page 5) ​​​Picture: "​Ten Were Healed".  If more than one child is present, print a copy of the "Ten Were Healed" picture for each child.

If you have questions, please contact Alison Tamminga at 805-683-4271.