.Each month there is a brief report as to what your session is currently working on and discussing. These reports are not meant to be comprehensive, but more of a summary of what’s going on. 

These minutes are from November 20th’s Session Meeting: The meeting was called to order with prayer by Jim Pazan at 6:30. He also showed a video titled “Session Ref” which had guidelines for conduction an effective session meeting.

Minutes of October 16, 2019, meeting- approved as amended (correct spelling of Pazan) Agenda - Approved as amended (addition of Congregational Life to committee reports) Reports:
• Pastor’s report - Jim presented a handout with thoughts on becoming an intergenerational church.
• Christian Education- report attached to agenda.
• Deacon’s report- joint meeting of Deacons and Session on Wednesday, Dec. 11th. • Clerk’s report – Jeannie and Carole will go through the current rolls to determine who are active members. Committee Reports:
• Nominating - The committee met on Nov. 17th and will meet again on Nov. 24th. All positions, except 2, have been filled.
• Finance - The committee has discussed the intergenerational concepts. They will restructure the budget to find funding for the additions/changes. Beehive may possibly be purchased for the Botanical Garden.
• Congregational Life - Annual Christmas potluck will be held on Sunday, Dec. 8th, at 5:00pm. • Worship - Communion servers for Dec. 1st. (Christy Grant, Chris Grant, John Bloomer, Alan Scholl, Mary Ellen Kestel, Ernie Tamminga) Meeting was closed with prayer Next session meeting - Wednesday, Dec. 18th, 2019