We are inviting applications for the position of Office Manager. If you are interested in the possibility of joining our team and community, please contact Michael Joiner by email.

Office Manager Job Description

The Goleta Presbyterian Church Office Manager assists the Pastor, other church staff, the Session, and other designated church members who need administrative services. This person is also responsible for maintaining church financial records and processing checks. The GPC Office Manager works in the church office, welcoming visitors inquiring about GPC, meeting with the Pastor, answering questions, working with the church accounting software, and arranging for check signatures. The Office Manager is expected to be friendly, technologically savvy, organized, and ready to help our church operate day in and day out.
The Office Manager is accountable to the Pastor, as head of staff, and through the Pastor, to other professional staff in the performance of office administrator duties. The Chair of the Finance Ministry Team will coordinate the work of the finance responsibilities.


• Welcoming and kind interpersonal skills as an ambassador for God’s love and grace
• Good organizational skills and ability to manage time efficiently
• Accurate typing, good grammar, and spelling
• The ability to anticipate needs and be flexible as needs or situations arise
• Ability to operate copier and other office machines
• Experience with social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and other web-based programs
• Experience using Microsoft Word & Excel and Google Docs & Sheets
• Knowledge of basic accounting principles
• Experience using QuickBooks or other accounting software program
• Experience with payroll processing or financial reporting
• Knowledge of local and state forms required for non-profit status

• Assist the Pastor and other professional staff in performing such duties as typing, filing, correspondence, printing materials, maintenance of calendars etc.
• Prepare the weekly church bulletin, miscellaneous announcements and flyers
• Prepare, edit and arrange for the mailing of the monthly church newsletter (Tidings)
• Answer the telephone, take messages, and make return calls for the pastor
• Act as receptionist/host when people visit the office or use the church facilities
• Maintain church records as requested by session
• Order office supplies and church materials as needed, guided by the budget
• Reconcile checking, saving, and restricted gifts account statements each month
• Enter and pay all bills and reimbursements, and maintain accurate account of each budget category
• Use accounting practices to track weekly offering deposits and provide monthly statements
• Review financial reports and make necessary money transfers as needed
• Process payroll for all church employees, and maintain employee forms required for payroll processing
• Create and organize quarterly folders for bills paid, reimbursements paid, and check stubs. Also create yearly folders for bank and endowment accounts
• Create and submit 1099 forms to qualifying vendors and W-9 tax forms
• Transfer quarterly distributions from operating account to restricted gifts accounts
• Provide reports to pastor, youth directors, children’s director, and committees upon request
• Attend monthly finance meetings and record meeting minutes
The Pastor, Chair of the Finance Ministry Team, and a representative from the Personnel Ministry Team shall conduct a performance review after the first 90 calendar days and then annually (or more often, if needed). The Personnel committee shall review compensation annually, prior to the establishment of the GPC budget, and shall recommend to the Session adjustments in compensation.