LOG (Love of God) Program

L.O.G. (Love Of  God) is an interdenominational Christian high school retreat program centered at Goleta Presbyterian Church.  LOG is a student-led retreat program where local highschoolers share their faith experiences in a welcoming, respectful, safe environment.
Preparatory meetings for LOG 58 are now under way.

​LOG features two weekend retreats each year (March and November). Members of the LOG Team, made up of adult volunteers and young people who have participated in LOG weekends, continue working together between retreats, sharing in worship, devotionals, games, and projects.

LOG 58 Team meetings are officially underway as we begin the task of preparing for LOG 58 in November at Community Covenant Church. Our LOG Team Overnight is scheduled for October at GPC and we hope to really come together as a team through shared experiences. Please continue to pray for participants as we need them to make this retreat special. 

​The LOG program is facilitated by Warren Takaya and Elisa Takaya.

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