Youth Group

We are getting close to our TNT Auction this coming Sunday! It is not too late to donate something for the auction in case you have not committed to putting something in the auction! The first person who responds to my email and tells me what activities we have this weekend will get a prize!

Last week in High School Group we started talking about Prayer and some of the many ways we can connect with God in prayer. We will continue that discussion this week by talking about corporate (or group) prayer and how that can enrich our lives. We will be meeting at GPC in the Youth Lounge from 6:30-8:30pm on Wednesday.
Our next Middle School Group will be during the worship service this coming Sunday. We will be talking about Prayer this week.

Special Announcements:

This Saturday we have been invited by the church to join them for a Bingo and Ice Cream social from 1-3pm in the Common Room at GPC. It should be lots of fun!

High School Lock-In: Will be held this Saturday, April 21 from 6pm through Sunday around noon, once the auction is over. We will be helping to set up for the auction Saturday evening then heading over for some Rusty's Pizza, followed by some games and whatnot. Please let me know if you plan on coming so we know how much food to get for breakfast! Cost is $10 to cover the cost of dinner, breakfast, and snacks.

TNT Auction: Our annual Youth Ministries auction will be this Sunday, the 22nd right after church till about noon. We will have a silent auction, live auction, and a light lunch for those who come. If you are not coming to the Lock-In, please arrive at GPC by 8:30am Sunday morning to help finish setting up for the auction (you can also start the bidding early as there will be LOG bread!) Those who participate in the auction will receive a discount on future GPC Youth events!

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It's easy through the Remind app! Just go to the following links to sign up!
Middle School:
The code for the Middle School Group is gpcmig
High School:
The code for the High School Group is gpchig

If you have questions on how to sign up you can find them here: us/articles/203179887-How-do-I -join-a-class-

        -Ben Eggli, Youth ​Ministry Director​