​In the first Sunday school lesson ​in May, Jesus​ gives Peter a job to do. He is to care for Jesus' people. Jesus ascends into heaven after promising the disciples that they will receive power from the Holy Spirit. A new disciple, named Matthias, is chosen to replace Judas. At Pentecost, the disciples are filled with the Holy Spirit and speak in many languages. The final session in May is the story of Jesus as the vine, and we as the branches. ​

Teachers in April were Chuck Roth, Marilyn Gross and Sue Kremser and we thank them.

Easter was a busy and happy day at GPC.  Many children joined us for the celebration.  Sunday school and the nursery were very busy places and the Easter Egg hunt was popular.  Thanks to the many generous people who helped to fill the eggs in advance and to those who helped to hide them before the Easter service began.  The back lawn proved a worthwhile location.

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching and I’m thinking about planning for Villa Week which will be July 30-August 3 with presentation on August 5​. Please have your children mention it to their friends, it is a very reasonable cost compared to most camps.  The original script is being written by our drama director with Noah’s Ark as the theme. 

Sunday school teacher appreciation will be part of the Youth Service on June 3 so please plan to be present on that date.  Late-Spring blessings to everyone,