Kids Connection for April 2018

The first April Sunday school lesson celebrates Jesus rising from the dead. (He appeared to Mary and called her by name and she announced this to the disciples.) The risen Christ promises to be with us always and asks the disciples to spread the word. Thomas doubts, but sees Jesus and believes.  Jesus tells the disciples where best to fish (cast their nets) then serves a lakeside breakfast. In the last lesson, Jesus commissions Peter to care for his people.  

Marilyn Gross, Sue Kremser and I taught Sunday school in March. The St. Patrick’s Day Tea was a big success and everyone participating had a good time. Lots of green decorations and lovely music added to our enjoyment.  Setup was late in the day the evening before and the tea followed the Sunday service.  Children helped serve our older guests.  Amelia Noble played her cello and the piano, Alex Randall played his violin and Ann Lawler added beautiful harp music during the proceedings. Thanks to all who participated

 Palm Sunday  was special too.  First we had “Jesus” riding in on Teddy the mule.  Miranda  Muzinich was the rider, John Bolton the mule-handler and Eva Muzinich and Zane Longo his  assistants.  Then we met Charlie Campbell, out new interim pastor, and he made a very  favorable impression.

We have chosen a date for  Villa Week, July 30 - August 3, with performance as part of the  service on August 5. Please mark your calendars!

 Spring blessings to everyone,