Sunday School Scoop

The Exodus story demonstrates God's grace and faithfulness in providing for God's people in the wilderness. In Leviticus we learn of a jubilee to celebrate God's call to all of creation for rest, renewal and rejuvenation. Next we hear about Deborah, and God's affirmation of women in leadership roles. The final lesson concerns Elijah's need for food, a widow with little flour, and the ways God provides for him and for her family through a kind act.

Your students are now at their various schools and becoming used to a more structured routine, some in a school new to them. Everett will be entering a 3rd grade classroom when he returns and I know he would appreciate company during Sunday school. Evie will be in 8th grade. I’m looking for someone to fill Ashley’s position, so please, if you have a neighbor or grandchild who might be interested, let me know. I would be happy to send you the job description. I will be gone September 15th - October 5th. If you have any questions please contact Sue Kremser, chair of Christian Education, at