​​The PDF file called “​Sunday School 4-26-2020” contains all the materials for this week’s lesson. Click here to open the PDF file, ​and print it, if possible (​if you can't print it, you can view it on your screen. Some of the activities can only be done if you can print the file). The file contains these ​pages:

(Pages 1&2) The LESSON PLAN for today. We suggest that you read this page before you begin the lesson with your child(ren). The Lesson Plan briefly describes all the activities you can do with your children for today’s lesson​. The Lesson Plan refers to the other pages you will find in the printout,,,

(Page 3) "Forgiveness" - A retelling of ​today's Gospel story -- Luke 7:36-50

(Page 4) ​"Retelling the Story" - a page of drawings and text-items

(Page 5) ​Offering Coupons

(Page 6) A ​"Find the Differences" puzzle to be solved

If you have questions, please contact Alison Tamminga at 805-683-4271.