Session Scoop

Each month there is a brief report as to what your session is currently working on and discussing. These reports are not meant to be comprehensive, but more of a summary of what’s going on. The following is from the July 17th Session meeting: ​


•CLP's Report: Carol McLean's Memorial service 6/22/19 was appreciated by the family and was a beautiful tribute to Carol's life.
•We are Continuing to maintain pulpit supply for worship.

2. Youth Director:Christy says the youth attendance is down. There is no money designated for a youth director at this time.

Committee Reports:
•Nominating Committee: Nominating Chair must be a member of Session. In the fall 2018, Jim Friestad served as nominating committee member who brought on two Session members. Jim is off session now. Was agreed we would wait until new pastor in place before activating that committee again in the fall.

•Property and Finance: He reminded us that our insurance has increased by 25% due to the location of the Goleta fire last year that was within a few blocks of the church property.

•Worship Committee: Four people offered to help serve a common cup communion on August 4th. Alan Scholl, Christy Grant, Ernie Tamminga and John Bloomer.

•Julie Neufeld has appreciated the more than enough offers to help provide special music for the summer months.

•Congregational Life: Mary Ellen and Marilyn - After looking at possible date (9/8/19) for Homecoming celebration and barbeque, it was decided to wait until new pastor is on board and can be present.

Discussion Items:

Alan presented information about "Showers of Blessings", sponsored by the Interfaith Council which provides showers for the homeless. The shower "trailer" moves to whichever church is scheduled that day. Alan requested that a speaker from that program make a presentation to our Session next meeting.

Next Session Meeting: No meeting scheduled for August