Sunday school resumed September 8 for the 2019-20 year with Sue Kremser teaching. We continue to use the Growing in Grace and Gratitude curriculum and will add the accompanying CD.
The Exodus story demonstrates God’s grace and faithfulness in providing for his people in the wilderness. In Leviticus we learn of a jubilee to celebrate Gods’ call to all of creation for rest, renewal and rejuvenation. Next we hear about Deborah and God’s affirmation of women in leadership roles. The final lesson concerns Elijah’s need for food, a widow with little flour, and recognizes God’s provision for him and her family through a kind act.
With Ashley gone and funding in place, we are seeking a new Nursery Coordinator and hope to have that person in place for the first weekend in October.

Two of my visiting family members, granddaughters Eliza and Avery, helped hand out Bulletins in September.

Your Christian Education Committee decided to allot some of our Children’s Offering funds to Presbyterian Giving.  We chose 5 School Uniforms for girls ($200), 2 Emergency Life Packs ($250) and 5 sets of School Supplies for Displaced Children ($150). We would have preferred to have input from children, but without regular attendance, it seemed best to do it this way.  The Presbyterian Church (Mission) will carry out our wishes; they were very grateful!

The Homecoming celebration, usually held the weekend after Labor Day, was postponed until Pastor Jim Pazan and his family arrive in October.
Meanwhile, blessings to all,