Kids Connection for October 2018

The “new” Sunday school year began with Sandy Adams teaching for the month of September. October lessons began with the Exodus story and demonstrate God’s grace and faithfulness. In Leviticus we learn of a jubilee to celebrate Gods’ call to all of creation for rest, renewal and rejuvenation. Next we hear about Deborah, and God’s affirmation of women in leadership roles. The final lesson concerns Elijah’s need for food and how he recognizes God’s provision for the family through an act of kindness.

I want to thank all those who took time to prepare and deliver Sunday school lessons during the summer

Those helping me and serving GPC and our children this way included Chris Grant, Gretchen Folks, Lorraine Crotzer, Dawn O’Bar, Deb Artz and Norma Shinoda.

If you are the parent of a Sunday school student, please check the Registration binder in the Sunday school room to make sure you have filled out an information form and updated any existing form as necessary.

The last Beach picnic of the summer was a big success due to the efforts of Ben (our Youth Director) and his wife, Chelsea. They provided the food and drinks, which were happily consumed by attendees. Thank you Ben and Chelsea!

Many people came for Homecoming Sunday. Angelia and Christopher Pagliaro handed out Bulletins in the sanctuary. On Trinity Terrace there were tables describing various activities available at GPC. Linda and her crew excelled in the Fellowship Hall where we enjoyed lots of delicious food. It was a good beginning for the “new” year.

On October 28th, we will have our Halloween card making and cookie / pumpkin decorating activity in the Common Room. We take these to our members who can’t come to services and there are always left overs for sampling! Please put the date on your calendars.

Blessings to all - I hope the new school year is going well!