Kids Connection for November 2018

November Sunday school lessons begin with the story of Elijah hiding in a cave to escape King Ahab. Listening for God’s voice in such quiet places helps us cope with our fears.  Jeremiah’s story helps children understand that God might be calling them to helpful actions. With Amos, God explores justice issues and finally Daniel demonstrates that faith in God can save you even in a den of lions.
Faithful Sunday school teachers in October were Marilyn Gross and Sue Kremser.

Lillian and Matthew Joiner helped with handing out Bulletins and Nursery coordinator Ashley Adams kept them company.

October was a fairly quiet month as you were all busy with sports and school activities.

Our Halloween cookie/pumpkin decorating and card making event was well-attended by a multigenerational and creative group.  Thank you to Norma for providing delicious cookies.  She uses 5 pounds of butter and 3 ½ hours of her time and we are truly grateful.  Almost every one of these was decorated (a few were consumed beforehand!) and they looked beautiful.  We had plenty for delivery to homebound members.

Thanks to Marilyn, Alison and Jeannie for setup and cleanup help, Sue, Alison, Marilyn and Bertie for delivery help, and to Lorraine for managing the icing table.

We are still discussing the Advent season services.  Stay tuned for up-to-date information as soon as it is available.

Be well as we rush towards Thanksgiving! Blessings,