​In Sunday School this month, children have an opportunity to express gratitude for God's forgiveness, remembering how Jesus forgave the woman who washed and anointed his feet. Also gratitude for God's love, by learning to listen as Martha did. The kids can further express their gratitude for God's grace by praising and thanking God, in the same way as one of the lepers did again and again, and by learning to welcome others as Jesus did with Zaccaeus.

Teaching Sunday school in April were Sue Kremser and Peggy Ciolino and we thank them for always being prepared. Peggy made it possible for Sue, Marilyn and me to sing with the choir at Easter.

Easter was, as usual, a special Sunday at GPC. Noella helped by handing out Bulletins, Linda prepared a lively version of The Run Away Bunny for the children, all ages were successful in finding Easter eggs and then we enjoyed a delicious brunch. I want to thank all the generous people who took and filled the hundreds of eggs that were hidden for the children and also Kaylie Grant who came early and helped me with hiding them.

Please put June 2ndon your calendars as we will present Bibles to 5th graders and celebrate our Sunday school teachers and Ashley Adams. Spring is lovely this year; I hope you are finding some time to enjoy

 We are blessed with the so far gentle rain and mild temperatures.