The Spring Sunday school curriculum begins with the Transfiguration story and a reminder to children that listening to the stories Jesus tells will help them be transformed and shine with his light. Then there are discussions of what it means to be a good neighbor and how the kingdom of God can grow. Next there’s an invitation to imagine a party invitation to God’s kingdom and, finally, the story of Jesus searching for the one lost lamb and relating that to people who are apart from the group and how we can help them.

Our teacher for February was Sue Kremser and we thank her.

Our Valentine’s Day card making and cookie decorating event was a big success. Alison and Lorraine made heart-shaped cookies from Norma’s recipe and people came to help decorate (and taste!) using Lorraine’s icing and a variety of toppings. Others made colorful cards to accompany the cookies to be delivered to homebound members. Thanks to all who helped.

The Mommy and Me program is off to a wonderful start. Every Thursday morning a group sets up age-appropriate activities for 0-4 year old children and welcomes mothers/fathers and grandparents who come with them. Various people also read a story and we have music from our own Don Davis. It is wonderful to see all this activity at GPC. Come at 9:30, with or without a little one, and take a look!

Now it’s March and Spring has certainly arrived in our gardens. Our new pastor and his wife are sharing  their hopes and plans with us as we move forward into a broader Family, Youth and Children ministry.
Blessings to all,