Sunday school 2019 begins with Epiphany Sunday, January 6.  The lesson ​explores a way to worship Jesus with the wise men. We’ll continue by exploring baptism as the beginning of our lives of faith, then learn that we can put our trust in God even when we are tested.  The final January lesson will reflect on the good news of Jesus’ ministry and the call to be disciples of Christ.
Those prepared to teach in December included Peggy Ciolino and Chuck Roth though, sadly, we didn’t have any students present. We missed you!
This also affected Time with Children.  LuAnn is reserving her presentation for a later time and Dawn and Gracie broadened their audience.

​The bags for the Isla Vista Youth Project  were organized and gift-tagged and LuAnn delivered them to the preschool.  We had about 40 bags and at least $400 in gift cards.  GPC folk were very generous and we know how much the recipients appreciate our efforts, so a big thank you to all who participated!

December 23 was an intergenerational service featuring slides, music, readers, singers and people who helped form tableaux to illustrate the Christmas story. Many thanks to Aspen, Amelia, Noella, Ernie, Jeannie and Dean for reading, to Aspen, Amelia and Noella for singing, to Damon, Colin, Avery, Owen H., Lyla, Billy, Ronan and Owen N. for donning costumes, to Charlie for the slides and hymn words, and Julie for the music.  The many in attendance enthusiastically consumed the coffee, hot chocolate and cookies available afterwards.  Thanks to all who brought those cookies, especially Norma.

​Happy New Year to all of you. May it bring more peace to our Earth and be a happy, healthy one full of adventure for you.  Remember to come to GPC on January 6 for your new Star word.