The first February Sunday school lesson follows on from the previous story where Jesus spoke in his hometown synagogue and amazed people with his knowledge, but when they heard him say God’s love (the good news) was for everyone, not just the Jewish people, they became very angry.  Jesus next calls people to follow him. How has God called us? How have we been blessed and how can we be a blessing to others? The final lesson offers suggestions about practicing God’s way to live; by loving, giving and forgiving.

Peggy Ciolino and Chuck Roth were prepared to teach Sunday school in January and we thank them for being willing to do that.  We are very sad to report the very recent passing of Carol Higgins who taught Sunday school at GPC for several years.

I am doing Time with Children most of the time and would love to know that there will always be children present. Dawn O’Bar helps out too.  Please let me know if you would like a turn.

​Jared Warner and his Little Person were special visitors on a January Sunday.  We were also blessed with a visit from Terry McBride - who was the longtime Youth Pastor at GPC - and his son Tyler.

January 6 was Epiphany when we remember the Wise Men.  It was also Star Sunday and adults chose a green or red star, while young people chose from a bowl of yellow ones. My star is up on my mirror so I will see it and ponder its meaning.  If you were absent and want one, let me know.

We will be making our Valentine cards and decorating heart-shaped cookies for our homebound members on February 10 in the Common Room after the service.  This is a good opportunity for you to contribute something that brings others pleasure while you sample something delicious.  Norma has generously shared her cookie recipe with us and we are planning to try it out. I know there will also be leftover items from the Rummage sale available that day but you can do both. Come and help us out!  

Kids Connection next month will bring news of the Children’s Offering and Spring Tea.

 We are blessed with the so far gentle rain and mild temperatures.