The first April Sunday school lesson considers lost things, sheep and a prodigal son, and how God will search them out and welcome them home. Next we remember Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and the crowds who welcome him, followed 5 days later by his arrest, crucifixion and amazing forgiveness from the cross.  Easter Sunday brings the resurrection and joy we can share with others. Finally some of the disciples see the risen Christ; their eyes are opened.  Where might we see Jesus?

Marilyn Gross taught Sunday school for most of March and we thank her.

Spring began with the equinox on the church calendar so Easter is late this year, April 21.  I’ll be asking for people to help with filling eggs for the annual Easter egg hunt.  It will be held on the back lawn again.  I might also need help hiding eggs before church as Ben isn’t here to organize that anymore.  Stay tuned!  Come to our wonderful Resurrection service and stay for brunch afterwards.

The Nursery looks bare just now but I’m assured by Ministerios Betel that it is temporary -- they held a garage sale with some of the old equipment and will be purchasing more soon with the proceeds.  Ashley will be glad!

After due consideration, which included a variety of factors, our church has decided to cancel the Villa Music and Performing Week for this year. The presentation dates we chose were a conflict for all the GPC children and most others who might otherwise join us. We are disappointed but realistic. We’ll consult with our new pastor and see what he/she envisions for music-education projects going forward and hope we can coordinate on a time that works for everyone next year.

This is a time for prayer and close community as our hard-working PNC searches for a new pastor and our future direction. ​We offer our gratitude to all those helping out ​while this takes place.
We wish you many blessings and a Happy Springtime!