“Dinner for 8” beginning in October

​This Fall, we are "re-booting" an informal dinner program we originally had some years ago. ​Participants will enjoy a relaxed dinner with 5 to 7 of your fellow GPC-ers, in the home of a volunteer host.

The main dish is provided, and ​participants are invited to bring along ​a favorite salad, dessert or beverage.

​After some very informal "settling in", we'll start the dinner conversation with one or two non-threatening ice-breaking questions, and then simply enjoy a meal and free-ranging, respectful conversation. You can participate in the conversation as much or as little as you like - but you ARE encouraged to enjoy the food!

It's a great way to get to know a few of your church neighbors a little better, beyond the few minutes we have each Sunday at coffee-time after worship. ​ Each group will ​get together for dinner just twice, so this isn't a long-term commitment.

​We will soon contact everyone who has signed up, and we'll set up the groups and pick a starting-date (or two) that's convenient for all involved. We expect that the meetings will begin in late October or early November.

​If you have any questions, please contact Ernie Tamminga.