Thursdays, Beginning March 4th, 2021    3:00 - 4:15 p.m.
Children, 3rd-6th grade    Cost $50
Led by Carol Parsons*

Join us for an after-school program that offers a little of everything for children and youth who want to gain confidence and a skillset in performing and public speaking! Sessions include learning through song and dance, and acting through monologues, improvisation,
and scene work.
Social distancing and safety are the top priority. Class size is limited to 6 students per group. We will meet outdoors and students will always be at least 8 feet apart. The goal is to bring students together in a safe and healthy, positive and encouraging, fun and interactive environment. We hope to provide an opportunity for students to explore their faith while enriching their lives through drama, music, and the arts.

No prior experience needed!

To register, please contact Pastor Katie:
*Carol Parsons has been offering youth musical theatre classes and camps for over 20
years. She also served as a producer and education director for Teen Star Santa Barbara,
the county’s annual vocal competition. Carol has worked with the drama programs in the
Goleta Valley School District and provides musical direction and coaching for the Isla
Vista Elementary School drama program.