Coffee Helpers are Needed!

March 29, 2019

​​Please consider volunteering for the Coffee Corps! You only need to be available one Sunday a month, or even every other month. Duties include arriving by 9:10am to prepare the coffee; serving the coffee on the patio after worship service; and putting the cups into the dishwasher afterward. Training is provided. Please contact Marsha Martin by email, or at (805)967-1146.

Help Design our new Pergola

February 28, 2019

​​We have some straight treated logs for an entry pergola at the Shirrell sidewalk into the Succulent garden area. ​Would you would like to help design a 4ft X 6 ft width, 8 ft tall pergola structure to greet our visitors who are wondering how to access the property?  You design, Alan will construct. See Alan Scholl for more details.

An Update about our New-Pastor Search

February 25, 2019

Goleta Presbyterian Church is seeking a new pastor to lead our church into the future. Our new pastor will be a strong spiritual leader with a vision that will help our church confirm and identify church mission and vision. We pray for a pastor who can generate new ideas, be creative, compromise, and understand the complexity of working with a variety of people. We pray for someone who has a deep spiritual and intellectual faith that’s demonstrated in their preaching and everyday lives. GPC has a strong fellowship and looks forward to our next pastor becoming a part of our community and actively participating in our lives.

The congregation elected the GPC Pastor Nominating Committee in June 2018. Since then, the 9-member committee has been working through the steps outlined in the Book of Order to find our next pastor. This process is purposeful and intentional. It is meant to help our congregation create separation from our previous pastors, consider our identity and future, and come together to embrace our next steps as a community. Please pray for the members of the PNC as they discern God’s will and find the pastor that is called to lead our congregation.

Latest Update:

The PNC has posted a completed Ministry Information Form (MIF) on the Presbyterian Church (USA) website. This form describes our church and the qualities we seek in our preferred candidate. The PNC is now accepting and reviewing Pastor Information Forms (PIFs). A PIF is essentially a pastoral candidate’s resume, outlining their background, training, strengths, and theological beliefs. We anticipate reviewing many PIFs in our search to find the pastor God has called to serve our church.

Farewell and Mahalo to Charlie Campbell, our Interim Pastor

February 25, 2019

​Sunday, February 24, was our last Sunday with our Interim Pastor, Charlie Campbell. Charlie is always recognizable by his Hawaiian shirts -- so for this Sunday, the entire congregation dressed in Hawaiian shirts in his honor. Mahalo, Charlie, and we wish you all the best at your new church in Diamond Bar -- where he will be the permanent pastor.  

Kids Connection for February 2019

February 5, 2019

The first February Sunday school lesson follows on from the previous story where Jesus spoke in his hometown synagogue and amazed people with his knowledge, but when they heard him say God’s love (the good news) was for everyone, not just the Jewish people, they became very angry.  Jesus next calls people to follow him. How has God called us? How have we been blessed and how can we be a blessing to others? The final lesson offers suggestions about practicing God’s way to live; by loving, giving and forgiving.

Peggy Ciolino and Chuck Roth were prepared to teach Sunday school in January and we thank them for being willing to do that.  We are very sad to report the very recent passing of Carol Higgins who taught Sunday school at GPC for several years.

I am doing Time with Children most of the time and would love to know that there will always be children present. Dawn O’Bar helps out too.  Please let me know if you would like a turn.

​Jared Warner and his Little Person were special visitors on a January Sunday.  We were also blessed with a visit from Terry McBride - who was the longtime Youth Pastor at GPC - and his son Tyler.

January 6 was Epiphany when we remember the Wise Men.  It was also Star Sunday and adults chose a green or red star, while young people chose from a bowl of yellow ones. My star is up on my mirror so I will see it and ponder its meaning.  If you were absent and want one, let me know.

We will be making our Valentine cards and decorating heart-shaped cookies for our homebound members on February 10 in the Common Room after the service.  This is a good opportunity for you to contribute something that brings others pleasure while you sample something delicious.  Norma has generously shared her cookie recipe with us and we are planning to try it out. I know there will also be leftover items from the Rummage sale available that day but you can do both. Come and help us out!  

Kids Connection next month will bring news of the Children’s Offering and Spring Tea.

 We are blessed with the so far gentle rain and mild temperatures.


Youth Ministry – Farewell to Ben and Chelsea

January 16, 2019

I hope you are all enjoying the rain as we really need it! I have a couple of things for you this week.

This will by my LAST news ​report to you as I am stepping down as Youth Director this coming Sunday, ​January 20th. This will also be our last Middle School Group with everyone as Chelsea and I are preparing for our move to Oceanside on the 26th.

Middle School Group will be happening this Sunday, the 20th during the service in the Youth Lounge.

Katie Joiner and the Youth Committee are volunteering to keep monthly youth programming going for anyone interested. They can be reached at GPC Youth's new email address, goletapresyouth@gmailcom. I will continue to check my GPC email for a time but please use the new email address for any and all GPC Youth communication.

It was a pleasure serving youth these past 2 years and I wish you all nothing but the best in 2019 and beyond. Chelsea and I would love to say goodbye to you in person so swing on by GPC this Sunday from 9:30-11 so we can see you!

Have a great week!

--- Ben Eggli

Kids Connection for January 2019

December 27, 2018

Sunday school 2019 begins with Epiphany Sunday, January 6.  The lesson ​explores a way to worship Jesus with the wise men. We’ll continue by exploring baptism as the beginning of our lives of faith, then learn that we can put our trust in God even when we are tested.  The final January lesson will reflect on the good news of Jesus’ ministry and the call to be disciples of Christ.
Those prepared to teach in December included Peggy Ciolino and Chuck Roth though, sadly, we didn’t have any students present. We missed you!
This also affected Time with Children.  LuAnn is reserving her presentation for a later time and Dawn and Gracie broadened their audience.

​The bags for the Isla Vista Youth Project  were organized and gift-tagged and LuAnn delivered them to the preschool.  We had about 40 bags and at least $400 in gift cards.  GPC folk were very generous and we know how much the recipients appreciate our efforts, so a big thank you to all who participated!

December 23 was an intergenerational service featuring slides, music, readers, singers and people who helped form tableaux to illustrate the Christmas story. Many thanks to Aspen, Amelia, Noella, Ernie, Jeannie and Dean for reading, to Aspen, Amelia and Noella for singing, to Damon, Colin, Avery, Owen H., Lyla, Billy, Ronan and Owen N. for donning costumes, to Charlie for the slides and hymn words, and Julie for the music.  The many in attendance enthusiastically consumed the coffee, hot chocolate and cookies available afterwards.  Thanks to all who brought those cookies, especially Norma.

​Happy New Year to all of you. May it bring more peace to our Earth and be a happy, healthy one full of adventure for you.  Remember to come to GPC on January 6 for your new Star word.

Ready Home, Ready Heart

December 22, 2018

Do you have a Ready Home & a Ready Heart? Provide local kids with a loving home today! Our Santa Barbara County Department of Social Services offers: "Our Kids. Foster + Adopt + Mentor."  If you would like to participate, you can get ​information at the church office​.

Landscape Committee plans Meditation Opportunities

November 25, 2018

The GPC LANDSCAPE COMMITTEE - Is organizing a group to promote our landscaping and opportunities for a meditation experience. Our quiet corner of Goleta, next to a busy shopping center, offers a restful, quiet and reflective experience. Many already come to our picnic area and benches around the property to relax, reflect and pray. We are planning additional places of interest on front of the property, the patio and back area. Please send your ideas to Alan Scholl, Our group meets occasionally in the picnic area to discuss and plan improvements to our facilities. Ask Alan for details about the next gathering. If you wish to assist with weekly morning work days, please contact Alan on Sunday.

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