Goleta Presbyterian Church is seeking a new pastor to lead our church into the future. Our new pastor will be a strong spiritual leader with a vision that will help our church confirm and identify church mission and vision. We pray for a pastor who can generate new ideas, be creative, compromise, and understand the complexity of working with a variety of people. We pray for someone who has a deep spiritual and intellectual faith that’s demonstrated in their preaching and everyday lives. GPC has a strong fellowship and looks forward to our next pastor becoming a part of our community and actively participating in our lives.

The congregation elected the GPC Pastor Nominating Committee in June 2018. Since then, the 9-member committee has been working through the steps outlined in the Book of Order to find our next pastor. This process is purposeful and intentional. It is meant to help our congregation create separation from our previous pastors, consider our identity and future, and come together to embrace our next steps as a community. Please pray for the members of the PNC as they discern God’s will and find the pastor that is called to lead our congregation.

Latest Update:

The PNC has posted a completed Ministry Information Form (MIF) on the Presbyterian Church (USA) website. This form describes our church and the qualities we seek in our preferred candidate. The PNC is now accepting and reviewing Pastor Information Forms (PIFs). A PIF is essentially a pastoral candidate’s resume, outlining their background, training, strengths, and theological beliefs. We anticipate reviewing many PIFs in our search to find the pastor God has called to serve our church.