pcusacrossIn Presbyterian tradition, leadership and administration of church operations is shared between Clergy, Staff, Deacons, and Session. (Members of Session are called “Elders,” though they are not required to be elderly.) Ultimately, overall leadership of the church belongs to the entire congregation.

Church Phone and Address

6067 Shirrell Way, Goleta CA 93117

  Pastor: Graham Baird is our “Stated Supply Pastor” while we are in the process of searching for a new permanent pastor. Graham has been a pastor for the past 15 years.  He earned his Master of Divinity at  Princeton Theological Seminary and is currently working on his Doctoral degree at Fuller.  He was the founding pastor of Highlands Church in Paso Robles and, recently, the Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Colorado Springs.

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WHAT IS A STATED SUPPLY PASTOR? See Graham’s explanation here.

JeannieCommissioned Lay Pastor:Jeannie Cavender

Office Administrator:

Shirley Hance


 Alison  Director of Children’s Ministries:  Alison Rhodes Tamminga    Director of Youth Ministries:  Ben Eggli
 Nathan Maurer photosmall  Director of Music : Nathan Maurer
 Elisa and Warren Takaya DIRECTORS OF THE LOVE OF GOD (LOG) PROGRAM: Warren Takaya and Elisa Takaya
 Jan Fadden  Parish Nurse: Jan Fadden


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All Christians are charged to love their neighbors and care for one another. The Deacons provide an organized way of bringing the love of Jesus Christ to the church and the community.  SESSIONClick here to go to the Session page  The Session is the governing body of the church. Members of session, called elders, are elected by the congregation to serve staggered three-year terms. The session is usually composed of twelve members, with each member assigned to one or more of the committees identified below. The pastor serves as moderator. The session normally meets once a month to make decisions on behalf of the congregation.