Children’s Ministry News for April, 2017

The Sunday school lessons for April begin with an overview of the whole Passion story, then give details. First jubilant crowds welcome Jesus to Jerusalem without understanding who he is.
Next he rises from the dead and commissions his disciples to be his messengers. Two old testament stories follow. The first tells of Ruth and Naomi helping each other through hard times, and then young Samuel hears a voice Eli recognizes is from God.

Palm Sunday is April 9th. It will begin with Christopher Pagliaro on the mule Teddy, “riding into Jerusalem”.

Come and hunt for Easter eggs on Easter Sunday, April 16th! This will take place right after the service and before the brunch.

I encourage you to sign up for Villa Week. Rehearsals are July 17- 21st, with presentation in worship service on Sunday, July 23rd.

Sunday school teachers in March were Chuck Roth and Sue Kremser and we thank them.

The St. Patrick’s Day Tea was a happy occasion.

The setup team worked on Saturday and then our 80-plus-years young members joined us for the Tea after the service on March 19th. Several of the children were present to help serve the pastries, decorative fruit cups, tea in beautiful cups and saucers and pot-o-gold chocolate treats. Thanks also to GPC’s own Ann Lawler who accompanied the event on her harp.

March 19th was a really special Sunday as Graham baptized Anderson Joiner during the service while Joiner family members and all of GPC promised to love and support him.

June Aldritt ably staffs the children’s Juice and Crackers table. She retired from a career teaching history, has been a Deacon and also cares for an adopted GPC garden area. June says she loves managing the children’s table and we are very glad she enjoys doing it.

-Alison Alison