“And it Was Good” – Creation-focused Worship Series

summons-call-2049193_640GPC has a history of celebrating Creation Sunday every year, close to the wider culture’s celebration of Earth Day. We continue the tradition this year with a three-part series focusing on God’s Good Earth and our sacred responsibility as stewards.

On Sunday, April 23, Pastor Graham’s introduction to the series was entitled “Take Care of It”, based on Genesis 2:4-15. It is quite interesting that God, when God creates the heavens and the earth, creates the earth, and then creates humans, and then the first main thing God says to them is that they are to take care of the earth.  It is a direct commandment.

On Sunday, April 30, GPC elder Dr. Ernie Tamminga offers a reflection on “The Prodigal Species”, starting with a scripture reading of the Prodigal Son and reflecting on how we, the human species, seem to be squandering our inheritance just as the Prodigal Son squandered his. Our Creator waits for us to “come to our senses,” just as the Prodigal Son finally did. Following worship service will be a Christian Education hour presentation by Dean Noble, who is Director of Marketing for the Santa Barbara Zoo. Dean will offer animal stories from his career, and his personal testimony about Christian responsibility for the environment.

On Sunday, May 7, Commissioned Lay Pastor Jeannie Cavender leads a worship service rooted in the Earth-celebrating tradition of Celtic Spirituality.