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With over 2 billion users worldwide, including increasing numbers in the non-western world, and 3+ billion mobile phone owners, the potential for digital evangelism is enormous. Social networking may be more effective than any other means of connecting to the wider community (link); and church websites need to be thoughtful and carefully managed as part of your outreach strategy into the community “…much like an enticing ‘shop window’ and virtual doorway to draw people into faith and fellowship” (link)(link).

For those interested in learning more – ‘Internet Toolbox for Churches’  (link) has advice and clever articles on the subject. Church websites need to be simple in design, there are numerous tools available to help guide efforts moving forward ( Like any design, writing or other creative work that’s often volunteered, true value needs to be attached to the church website.

Currently the GPC website has moved to WordPress (link 3.4.2) based and is implementing a premium template (KARMA) that is vastly superior to the free templates included with the standard installation. Google services are being leveraged and social media sites and links included to expand and consolidate capabilities and outreach.  “You’ll get back what you put in” as the template name implies and supporting Stephanie Braun as she controls, coordinates and lead new efforts will be important for the future of Goleta Presbyterian Church.



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